The story of a special day
told by who loves you


Wedding Selfies is an app which allow you and your loved ones (your wedding guests)
to embade images and take beautuful pictures to assemble a photo album
a video of your wedding, in remembrace of a day unique as you are.
Fix now the date which will shape your future.

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Simple, like yes...

Download the app and invite relatives and friends to do the same.


Download Weddingselfies

Download the App on your operative system.
(available for iOS and Android)


Invite the guests

Invite your friends to download the App and they will receive the code to share with you photos of your wedding.


Download video and foto

At the end of ceremony you’ll have all photos you toke and a slideshow of what you will have choosen.

Choose between photos of your guests.

Photos taken by relatives and parents will be visible in the app.

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Many ways to visualize

To help you choosing best photos we introduced four visualization type: you can see all images in wall screen or in trumb manner or you can choose to see the spouses photos or photos where only you are.

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Create your video, your photo and manage your profile.

You can create video whit images selected, take other ones, and change your personal profile.

Never again mass-produced photo.

Let be people who love tell about your beautiful day.



Wedding the crowning achievement of a walk of life. Who knows you can tell your story, your happy memories, the most beautiful moment.



The photos and slideshows will be immediately available the wedding day: never again needed to ask photos to the guests, and long wait to have
your photos



Photo without sitting, bizarre, selfies and instantaneous photos. Let’s photographer takes sitting photos.